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You're ready for change - it's time to get rid of your anxiety, your phobias, your loss of direction, or whatever else is stopping your from living your life to the full.  Learn to manage stress, improve your health, think more clearly, eliminate bad habits and otherwise improve your life.

The purpose of my work, and perhaps more than just my work, is to help to make a difference to how people live their lives. When faced with a problem our tendency might be to:


  • Think about things we've done that didn't work;
  • Reject solutions we don't want to pursue;  
  • Wonder what somebody else could do to solve it for us;
  • Or wonder what's wrong with us for not knowing how to solve it;

     instead of thinking about what we want to do, and to go about doing it

Sometimes change is easier said than done!  But it's not as difficult as you might think.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. My purpose and passion is to help you find your own answers, and to achieve your goals. I help people to:

    • Discover where they are going, want to go or otherwise learn what it’s all about for them. 
    • Change certain behavioural habits in order to achieve their desired outcomes. 
    • Change their lifestyles to lose weight, or generally improve their health. 
    • Manage or eliminate anxiety and/or stress from their lives.


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